You are stuck, You are in a bad place

by The Pygmy Tribe

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(free) 02:37


a collection of songs from 2013


released December 11, 2013

Engineered by Dan Gleason in Barrington, Illinois



all rights reserved


The Pygmy Tribe

soft jams from Chicago, IL

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Track Name: Desperation Chills
sinking in my mind
this love we made
making me unwind
soul is bare
best thing i suppose
is to lie and wait
with needles i will poke
the pain away

never gonna get me alive
desperation chills
crucifed and left to die
my will swallows the pill oh no

god i cannot wait
to see the day
this life won't be so cold
and i can make
something of my own
if i'm not too late
oh i bet i could
just not today

never gonna get me a live
desperation chills
hanging out im ready to die
under my sheets i'll peel
this hopeless and distorted
man who can't feel
anything not to focus
on the pity little thing i call my own
Track Name: Infinitesimally
and i've seen the rain coming
over the hill
and i saw them houses tumble furiously
and it took its toll on momma
now she cant breathe
and i see my life hurting
right before me

and maybe my heads the problem
it wont let me sleep
and ill always search for answers
find no one will speak
and i swear ill do what i can
to get back to you
and i swear id take my own life
for you to come through

you know that i would
you know if i could
you better believe it
you know that i would
Track Name: You are stuck, You are in a bad place
walking alone im in front of the sunshine
gold through through my veins and i just don't care
if love ever comes i won't know i'm too cold now
paying the prize of abandonment
flying away on a plane to a coast
no one to judge there's no one to stare
picking my soul from the ground heavy sometimes
but its never enough and i cannot quit

freeing my soul from these devils that haunt me
trimming the fat now im better fed
stretching my self like a kite over paper
filling my head with medicine
shaking your head like you know what youre talkin about
youre just a pawn for the man up there
afraid that you wont find what you looking
stay on the hunt cause you ain't the one

but i know exactly who you are
and i'm not that impressed
and i won't keep going on with this remorse
so ill make my way out of here
Track Name: The Future is Yours
i don't need nothing to do
you've been here since 92
little one get out of the way
you've been a fool but never again

well how[d you think it was
you knew it wasn't right
i've done it all before but not anymore

from now id like to see
a different side of life
one where i can shine
and not be ignored

part of me still feels the weight of
you and me, what are we made of?
honestly i think i'm just made up
ill never be, just want you're thinking of

well don't you understand
im not that kind of man
to die on his knees
you better believe
from now i'd like to see
a different side of me
one where i can be
one with the lord

the future is yours
ill wait for you there