by The Pygmy Tribe

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a collection of songs from 2014-2015


released March 14, 2017

drums by Tim Mack
piano in "Open Boat", "A World Of Your Own", "Simple Things" & "Amazing Pictures" by Seiichi Nagai
organ in "When Will I Wake Up" and "Infinitesimally" by Seiichi Nagai
organ solo in "When Will I Wake Up?" by Alex Fritzel

drums and bass recorded by Dan Gleason at Holographic Studio in Barrington, IL

engineered by Chuck Kawal

artwork by Ellyn Leahy

The Pygmy Tribe is:
Sal Plant
Jon Westbrook
Daniel Lyter
Geoff Hardy



all rights reserved


The Pygmy Tribe

soft jams from Chicago, IL

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Track Name: When Will I Wake Up?
my lord, you saying something?
it sounds like nothing
i ever wanna hear
with love, i feel what you’re laying
you know that praying game
aint right for me

now I’m all shook up
that ill mess it up
with own these two hands
i will not mend

lord, when will i wake up?
see what i’ve made up for, i can’t believe
my goal, ain’t for tomorrow
im filled with all this hope
that’ll never be

and I’m all shook up
that ill mess it up
with my own two hands
how will this end?
Track Name: Open Boat
all aboard
the boat said the captain
steering one by one
against the rift
and the sun was abroad
i could hold her
all aboard the end of time

and we row our way back home
and we pray way don't end up wronged
are we fools to think we can make it out?
so we rowed and rowed for a while

the waves were our friends
and our shelter
but this place is a mess
and our pleads are deaf
now im scared that i know
what you're thinking
we swim or else we die

she is old with an odd correspondent
and she shows she gives to swell
are we fools to think we can make it out?
either way i will row till these arms fall right off

and let us run away, love, to be with you
no matter what they say, love, i'd be with you
and let us run away, love, to be with you
no matter what they say, love, i'd be with you
Track Name: You Were Right
can i change myself, i wondered?
it ain’t hard to tell, i’m sinking
and the speed of light is pulling me away
i just want to climb myself out and never submit

you were right
when you said
it ain’t mine to take

living in this house
i never called my home
and you wanted it out
what's there to revive when its gone?

it ain’t right
like you said
i won’t try again
Track Name: Amazing Pictures
its hard enough to make it on time
its 3 o’clock and i can barely stand
so much for these plans we’ve made up
its hard enough you don’t give a damn

amazing, pictures you take
amazing, pictures you take

i’ve thrown myself into this messy plot line
and i can tell that its not ending well
ill leave you now so you can make your moves
remember i said i will love you till the very end

amazing, pictures you take
amazing, pictures you take
amazing, pictures you take
Track Name: Simple Things
ghost, you got another thing coming
wake up, i think you better get started
will i ever be an important man?
with such simple things i can’t understand
in a world where it pays to be cold like a can
it aint easy like it used to be

mom, you never thought that i would make it
oddly, i don’t think that i can take anymore
of this small little life that sits in front me
and the way you forget to remember the breeze
with my hands on my sides and my toes to the ground
it ain’t easy like it used to be

its cloudy out
Track Name: A World Of Your Own
best of luck to yourself and your new made friend
with your love to record every move that i make
and the thought that you lost but you found somewhere else
has it been all along that you knew it would end?
blame my wishful thinking things could change.

and the flesh that you left stretching out to the bones
could it be you have searched for a world of your own
take this weary head and make it right again

do you still sit by that big lake
where i left you on that bright day?
how could i go on this way?
Track Name: Infinitesimally
and i've seen the rain
coming over the hill
and i saw them houses tumble
and it took its toll on momma
now she cant breathe
and i see my life hurting right before me

and maybe my heads the problem
it wont let me sleep
and ill always search for answers
find no one will speak
and i swear ill do what i can to get back to you
and i swear id take my own life
for you to come through

you know that i would
you know if i could
you better believe it
you know that i would
Track Name: Champagne
where are we going?
it beats me
and what were you saying?
I’m not here

it gets old
when you play
in this world
of champagne

how does it feel?
to be left
why do you call?
this is sad

it takes guts
to do you
in this world
of champagne