Synthetic Love Lasts Forever (demos)

by The Pygmy Tribe

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a collection of songs from 2012

brought to you by Apple


released October 17, 2012



all rights reserved


The Pygmy Tribe

soft jams from Chicago, IL

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Track Name: diggin' an elephants grave with a spoon
finishing the phrase you drew
never understood the loop
here to catch my breath again
in the mean time

hands are cutting holes in me
incisive leaking perfectly
seeping through my head again
do you realize?

bold face!                
i'm not one to let you see me                 
get outta bed and leave me
in the night

starry eyed
did you really think i wouldn't notice?
something tells me that i've cold
and out of my mind

your love is sinking soft in me
melting deeply, carelessly
joy i'd bring to you again

better hope my hands still
in it only for the thrill
sudden movements make me cringe
move again, make it harder 

oh regret!
lies always made you weary
you know i try to make this easy on myself 

silent friend, will you show me how to see it clearly?
did our life always make you teary?
oh my god

i think you know it, honey
i think you know it bad.
Track Name: rabbit hole
won't you tell me your fears?
whisper close to my face
hiding thoughts you don't steer
maybe you can tell i'm ashamed

put those hands on my shoulders
let you break me again
use your warmth the winter
tell me that you love me in vein

how i wish these words could explain it all!
how the hell did i get so bad?
damn this lisp and my cold unfiltered gums!
i guess i always envy the past

now it seems so unfocused
empty hearts feel no pain
i won't say what i witnessed
just as long as you do the same

oh i bet you're a sinner
speaking louder, refrain
will i last this december?
sad i never told you my name

did you really fall down that rabbit hole?
how i wish i'd known you had left!
if you ever need my help down below
hold on to that heart in your chest!

damn you bitter son of mine
oh you're learning from the best
die an old man on your own
stop hauting me
Track Name: (different strokes)
all made up
nothing bout you was real
poor old kid
you'd think that he'd notice 
he don't know shit

claw my fears
nothing feels better
as to be inside of you
do you fear me?
are you looking towards for the end? 
the finish line

remember you promised that we'd make it home?
you've been taking comfort in another's words
your love is so numb you never say enough
like an isle, full and fallen over
you empty gun with no revolver 
your faith is a lie, can you count on your friend?
do i pay for my sins, for my lies, my lament?

oh my lord
i'm betting its better now
they say it's suicide
do you love?
you seem so indifferent to me
most of the time

open me
i'm in trouble
i've said it again
i thought it was different

way to leave
so unnoticed
i'm barely awake
i thought it was different
Track Name: letting you out
i'm letting you out
all on my own
can't scare me now
not here at home
you're like a disease
spreading like fire
i'm letting you out
no ain't nothing foolin' me

you ain't allowed here
don't try a comin'
and don't you come near
dogs are a barkin'
i hate you, my god!
why do you try me?
i'm letting you out
and don't you come find me out

down down down
did you really think i would do that?
did you really think I would care?
Track Name: my whole existence
my god, how do you spell your first name?
how long did it take to get you on?
oh man, my man you're back here at my bad side
my head, this bed, is where i take control

were you lying there alone my friend?
and how do you live your life like this?
for the first in my whole existence 
i believe

i say i pray your ears will take a listen
i think i speak for most of us my lord
i swear to clean this house before i meet you
you've been there with open arms before

and i've noticed that you're not at peace
and your eyes have never looked so distinct
what a long day it has been my lovely little one
are you finding out?

i believed in you before
will you come and lay here right beside me?
now do you see that i have never loved?
will you come and teach me to be with out it?
tell me how far i'll see my own soul
please just promise it won't hurt
Track Name: hands of time
you go, carrying the hands of time
a phenomenon, so peculiar
they say, we're buried in the weight of god
down the drain, why so bitter?
cause it feeds her,
from the palm of my hand

i suffer from the worst hypocrisy
i beg to differ all the time,
perhaps it gives us all a way
do i confide? well never mind!
ill leave it for their souls
to bring to light,
arriving here just in time
falling in to place
i'm feeling mightier than my old man did

those eyes, remind me of an early night
a castaway, wears me deeper
surprise, the word of god has
never lead a clean life,
i will pray it's not so filthy
it gets filthy, so quickly now

i suffer from the worst hypocrisy
i beg to differ all the time,
perhaps it gives us all a way
do i confide? well nevermind!
ill leave it for their souls
to bring to light,
arriving here just in time
falling in to place
i'm feeling mightier than my old man did
Track Name: raise awareness about salamander
we lay there still
in our desire
catching dreams
we can pass right through
your only window
remind me how we met?

i've seen 'em come and go
i've seen many waste their time
the only one i don't mind

i've never had a plan
i've never had a real job
hold me til the morning
or til it falls apart

dare i say
there's only a few
who made their way beside me

and i don't care
ill stick it with you
so take your time
you need to

ill never make you stay
ill never try to change your mind
im not one to persist you

ill swear ill be your friend
even if it don't work out
i've known this since i met you
back at warm house

hold me
in your
i've been waiting
to sink back in to you